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Myk - The Professional 
Microphone & Control App
for GoPro Cameras

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Frequently asked questions

General FAQ

Myk seems pretty easy to use …

Our development goal was to tuck the technology of our 11 pending/granted patents, into an intuitive, easy to use package. When technology is deployed well.... it doesn’t feel technical.

How does Myk work?

Myk controls the camera through the iPhones Bluetooth and Wifi connections. In addition to controlling the camera, Myk uses the Smartphone as the primary audio recording device during filming. When finished filming, the app downloads the video to the Smartphone, then mixes the audio recorded in the Myk app with the video recorded on the GoPro camera… plus does a little magic to get it all synchronized. When complete, the finished video file is placed in the Smartphone Myk photo album. If you are downloading HEVC high definition files, we will place the file in the Myk storage database for iPhone 7 and below.

Can I use a Bluetooth headset while using Myk?

Absolutely! Use your Apple Earpods, Beats, Plantronics or any other Bluetooth headset for awesome quality audio.

Can I use my Apple corded headphones when using Myk?

Certainly! Use what ever corded headset you like for recording?

Can I use professional lapel mics or shotgun mics while recording with Myk?

Definitely! Get professional quality audio on all of your videos, without the cost or hassle of processional gear. Simply plug your specialty microphones into the iPhone and Myk will do the rest!

Does my GoPro camera need to be next to my Smartphone to record?

Nope. Now you can get the great panning shots, movements, exotic camera locations and boom shots, all without sacrificing the audio quality or needing to add music to everything! It is best if you stay within Bluetooth and wifi range of the camera.

Where do the video files go when I download them in Myk?

Myk downloads the video files to an app working directory. They are not available in the iPhone library until you finish mixing. The Myk downloaded working files can be automatically deleted after mixing (option in settings), or you can manually delete them when you want to free memory space. To delete old working files, use the media manager. Media Manager only manages Myk working files, and does not touch the iPhone libraries or albums. If you are downloading HEVC high definition files, we will place the file in the Myk storage database for iPhone 7 and below, since those phones do not support HEVC file storage or playing.

Why does Myk need Bluetooth and wifi connectivity (HERO4-6)?

Myk relies on the GoPro Software Development Kit, and this is a requirement of their software. The wifi is necessary for streaming video and downloading videos, since Bluetooth is a very low bandwidth protocol. Bluetooth is required as it is best used to control camera function, without draining the camera and the Smartphone battery prematurely. Hero3 does not support Bluetooth, so Myk will work with wifi only.

Does Myk only work with GoPro?

Yes. Today it does. But we are currently developing for Yi and other cameras, so keep an eye on our web site.

Can I use Myk for different GoPro cameras?

Yes! Be sure to setup an new camera connections with the official GoPro app before using Myk to be sure they are setup correctly.

Do I need the GoPro to be connected to Myk for the app to function?

Yes, for all camera related functions. But, you can Mix and play already downloaded videos when not connected to the camera.

What is Myk for GoPro?

Myk is an elegant and powerful app designed to provide professional audio, graphical telemetry and super fast camera management to your GoPro camera.

Mounting your GoPro in an awesome viewing location is usually not optimal for audio quality or narrating a video in real time. Myk solves that problem.

Want cool graphics showing your speed, altitude, meters/feet climbed etc., Myk does it.

Myk can also handle all of your file management needs with a super-fast connection to the camera, and an awesome workflow, taking many steps and touches out of the download and file management process.

What GoPro camera's does Myk support?

Myk currently supports HERO3-6, and Session. We do our best to test and support the Hero3 and Hero4 ongoing, but functionality may eventually be limited and a bit unpredictable as GoPro no longer officially supports Hero4 and below. Since our functionality is dependent on the GoPro SDK and firmware, we are forced to adapt. We continually do our best to support Hero3 and Hero4 as long as we can.

How can I listen to the audio file to see if it is the correct one to mix?

You can enter the Media Manager or Mix Screen and tap the microphone icon to play the audio file.

Does Myk alter or edit the original videos on the GoPro SD card?

No. We leave the original files untouched and only edit the copy we download to our private storage container within the Myk app. We then place the final mixed video into the Myk album of your Smartphone Photos library. If you are downloading HEVC high definition files, we will place the file in the Myk storage database for iPhone 7 and below, since those phones do not support HEVC file storage or playing.

Do I need sign up an account to use the app?

No. We have kept it simple. Load and run.

Support FAQ

What happens if my camera looses connection with the Myk app while recording?

The show must go on! Myk will continue to record. If the connection to the GoPro camera is not restored (it will attempt to reconnect automatically), you can manually stop the audio on Myk and video recording on the GoPro. Then simply download the video to Myk and Mix .. Voila .. Your final video will be just fine.

What is the default low resolution setting?

The low resolution setting is 640x480. If you have a higher resolution setting on the GoPro camera, it will now be downloaded to Myk unless the high resolution setting is enabled in the Myk settings (for auto-download and mixing), or you select the High Resolution option when you download the file to Myk. Some higher resolutions in the GoPro do not offer a lower resolution version on the camera. In this case, Myk will download the high resolution version.

Can I see my video with the original audio from the GoPro camera in the Myk app?

Yes. To see the original video with GoPro audio, you first need to download the video from the GoPro using the Myk download function. Once downloaded, you can enter the Mix screen or the Media manager, and tap the thumbnail of the video file to play the original.

What is required for Myk to work properly with my GoPro camera?

Myk requires a wifi and Bluetooth connection to function (HERO3 does not require Bluetooth). Follow the instructions on the Official GoPro app, or pair you camera using our instructional video (HERO5-6).

Some video resolutions have no low definition option to download

Correct. Some resolutions and frame per second settings do not offer a low resolution version on the camera due to a GoPro software limitation. It is unclear if GoPro will address the situation in their SDK.

I am having connectivity issues...

Be sure you are running the lates GoPro firmware on your camera. We use the latest version of GoPro's software development kit, so yo uneed the latest stuff on your camera too.

I am having trouble with my Bluetooth headset connection

The Myk Bluetooth connection and icon on the app are ONLY related to the connection with the camera .. most new GoPro's support both wifi and Bluetooth (for connection to the smartphone), and we use both connections for the best functionality. Our Bluetooth indicator is NOT related to connecting a Bluetooth headset .. that is done with the phone, unrelated to our app... other than our settings function that tells our app to use the Bluetooth headset as a microphone if attached. I hope this helps.

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