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Myk Action Camera

Telemetry using your iPhone camera

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Myk for GoPro



GoPro Camera Control.


Add Phone Telemetry to your videos

 Use iPhone/earbuds as a mic

Full control of your GoPro camera

The fastest app on the market.

Mic for GoPro, app to control gopro cameras


Use the iPhone as your remote viewer for the camera and control all recording functions.

Mic for GoPro, app to control gopro cameras


Download video files from the GoPro camera to Myk, then mix with the locally recorded audio for a crystal clear MP4 file. 

Mic for GoPro, app to control gopro cameras


Start video and audio recording with the
touch of a single button.  You can also start/stop the live preview while you are recording to save battery.

Mic for GoPro, app to control gopro cameras


Professionally combine the crystal clear audio recorded on the iPhone and Telemetry with the GoPro video automatically and seamlessly.  


Simple, Elegant, Functional Design

Myk makes technology easy to use. 

Record with a single touch. 

Use your iPhone alone or add your favorite corded or Bluetooth headset to use as your microphone. 

Add Telemetry automatically

Flip left for the Telemetry and Settings quick access menus


Mix / Blend /Edit Recorded Audio and Video Recordings Automatically or Manually

Mix the Myk and GoPro audio for the perfect sound

Trim your videos so they are ready for posting

Adjust the audio / video synchronization manually

Add Telemetry with a touch

Select the telemetry you want Myk to record and associate with your video. 

If you choose the Automatic Workflow option, the video will be downloaded automatically after filming and telemetry will be added before placing the finished video in your phone library

Stay in the Myk app, even if you want to change camera settings


Settings in the Myk app allow you to change the most commonly used camera and app settings so you don't need to switch apps.  

There is also a quick menu on main screen to adjust common settings 

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