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Myk Compatibility

Myk is compatible with the following:

GoPro Cameras:




- HERO5 Session

- HERO Session

- HERO3 (may have some limitations depending on firmware and model)

iPhone 7-10, fully compatible

iPhone 6 and earlier will not be able to play or render native GoPro Hevc files

See for more info.

CURRENT MYK LIMITATIONS ON iPHONE 6 AND EARLIER (Will be resolved in the next January software update)

Saving mixed videos to iPhone 5-6 in the following high resolutions / frames per second will fail. Myk is working on a solution to convert the files on download to a lower bitrate (similar to the GoPro app), and will have a fix soon.

Video Resolution and Frame Rates

- 4K 60 fps, 50 fps

- 4K (4:3) 30, 24 fps, 25, 24 fps

- 2.7K 120 fps, 100 fps

- 2.7K (4:3) 60 fps, 50 fps

- 1080p 240 fps, 200 fps

GoPro uses High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) – also known as H.265. The older iPhones are not powerful enough to render the encoding.

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